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Wednesday, 8-Nov-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Abandoned City?

The usually busy road to Philleo Damansara.
Unlikely to be seen during the usual Wednesday Morning

KL sure looks like a ghost town during the first and second of Hari Raya Eve.

Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Thank you and Good bye

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"We've got Dennis Bergkamp"

Saturday July 22nd 2006 11:55 pm Live on Astro Supersport Channel 80. The Dennis Bergkamp testimonial match between Arsenal and Ajax Amsterdam in their new homeground, the Emirates Stadium.

The end of the Flying Dutch's career, but the beginning of a new era for Arsenal. The new stadium in Ashburton Grove will benefit the Gunners more in the future.

The environment in the Emirates Stadium was superb and fantastic, as 54,000 fans, who came from as far as Holland, gathered up to bid farewell to the Dutch Master. Special made t-shirt written DB10 and Iceman was made for everybody, as the form a sea of reds, whites and oranges around the stadium.

A small ceremony were held before the kick-off. Dennis Bergkamp's father was given the honor to kick-start the game.

The first half match was uneventful. A bunch of Arsenal youngsters take on a bunch of unfamiliar Ajax's players. Bugger. 31st minutes, Arsene Wenger took Dennis Bergkamp off the pitch to be replaced by I don't remember who. Double bugger. 37th minutes, Ajax scored the first goal. The first goal in Arsenal's new stadium was scored not by an Arsenal player. Tripple bugger.

Before I believe the game will be as dull as England's World Cup campaign, the surprises came in. The host announced the line-up for Ajax legends. Came in among them were Van der Sar, Wim Jonk, the de Boer brothers, Aaron Winter and Edgar Davids. Even Frank Rijkaard the Barcelona's coach played too. Man I guess this guy must be so good that many old school stars willing to come and pay homage to him.

But I was kinda suprise to see Van der Sar was there. He was supposed to be on a vacation after the World Cup campaign, and if it is not that, his team Man Utd got a friendly tournament in South Africa. Astro even showed a live telecast of the match before this testimonial match. Still he came to London to pay tribute to the Iceman. Salute you man.

Then the best thing came up. The host announced one by one, the line-up for Arsenal legends. Came in David Seaman, The Fantastic Five Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould and Martin Keown, Gilles Grimandi, Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Edu, Ray Parlour, Thierry "King" Henry who came off his vacation just for this moment, Oleg Luzhny, Giovanni van Bronckhorst of Barcelona, Alex Manninger, Patrick Vieira of Juventus and recently goes to Inter, Glenn Helder, Kanu, and the legendary Ian Wright, whose record was just broken by Henry in the last league campaign.

I was like Holyyyy Shitteee!!! Jumping around in cheers and clapping my hands to see those legends came to play. Every players wore their old numbers during their time in Arsenal. Even better when Henry scored the equalizer. The first Arsenal player to score in the new stadium ever is also a legend-in-made, Thierry Henry.

I thought that was just it, but then I jumped again in cheers. More surprises came in!! The Holland legends Johann Cryuff and Marco Van Basten came as a late substitues!! Holyyyy Shittteeee!!! Johann Cryuff is a 59 years old dude, and he looks a bit slow, but man he still got some skills. And you know what, Van Basten nearly scored a nice goal! He flipped the ball over Steve Bould's head and gave a left foot volley, causing Alex Manninger to stretch out to save the ball.

Kanu scored another goal. Everybody now didn't care wether Arsenal will win or not, as long as Bergkamp score. Henry tried hard to open chances for Bergkamp, and it came in the last minutes where Bergkamp was just one on one with the goalkeeper but the goalkeeper managed to save it. Bugger!

Finally the referee blowed the final whistle. The match was fantastic, but it is even better if Bergkamp scored. And it will be perfect if Tony Adams and Robert Pires were also there.

After the final whistle, Bergkamp received a final presentation from the Arsenal chairman. He said a few words to the crowd, and did a lap of honor. I could see how hard he tried to hold on his tears. It was a very touching moment. The fan sang and cried out Dennis Bergkamp's name. Bergkamp! Bergkamp! Bergkamp! can be heared all over the stadium. He was then lifted on the shoulders of the Legends.

With that, the legend careers ends. No more chants of "We've got Dennis Bergkamp" around the stadium. After 11 years, 420 games, 120 goals, some of them were the best yet ever scored, and millions of memories, the time has come for the Dutch Master to hang up his boots.

Some players give inspiration, some bring admiration, and a few can provide both. And Dennis Bergkamp was one of them. His developed his skills at Ajax before moved on to Inter, but his best years will always belong to Arsenal.

I fell in love with the Gunners because of him. And now, he wanted to go. Thank you Bergkamp, for all the memories, and good bye.

We sure will miss you.


Tuesday, 18-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Summary

So the World Cup is over. Some people were happy ,some other didn't. As for me, I never support other nations that much. Just love to buy their jersey, it was nice though.

So as promised, the summary.

Brazil: Come into the tournament with high expectation, everybody said that Brazil will win this tournament. Plus they were so arrogant, and full with confident that they will win. But somehow, their performance were just slightly above the par. With Ronaldinho at his top form in the league tournament, it is dissapointing to see he didn't contribute as much as he done during the 2002. And blame Carlos for their defeat over France. He is the one who supposed to guard Henry, but he missed. Off you go Brazil.

England: As usual, the popular England was eliminated at the Quater Final stage. Except for Gerrard, other players were just dissapointing. Rooney doesn't the performance he shown during the Euro 2004. Beckham... if it is up to me, I'll never call Beckham for the World Cup in the first place. He got a great pass, but his playing style will just make his other midfielder looks stupid, although they were magnificient players. Lampard..25 shots on target, 0 goals. What kind of statistic is that. Owen..go and retire your ass.

Ivory Coast: Not that they didn't play well. It is just that, it's dissapointing to see they were eliminated at the early stage. They played so well in all their 3 matches, but too poor they were in the same group with Argentina and Netherlands. I was so much anticipated to see they go through to the second round, but anything can happen in football.

Rep. Czech: Hey I can spell Czech correctly! I was so damn hoping they will go farer. Their biggest mistake is to allow that early goal against Ghana. If it is ever not go in, I bet you they will be still in the course.

France: Who can imagine they will reach the final. Nearly didn't make it during the qualifying stage, and poor performance in the first 2 games, suddenly, Zidane and Henry got miracle strenght from nobody knows. Zidane shined during their match against Brazil, showing what people said as his best performance ever since the Euro 2000. And Henry, what a striker. Before this, not much striker had a chance to trouble Buffon, but this time, Cannavaro had a very hard time to mark Henry. Still he managed to trouble Buffon. What a striker. The match will not be as good as it is, if not because of him. (Puji lebih2 pasal aku fan Arsenal. hehehe)

Hail to:
Jose Pekerman and the Pekerboys: Argentina come into the World Cup with high expectation to win this tournament. The interesting thing about Pekerman is, he grew up alongside his boys. Almost all the players in his squad were those from the winning squad of 1998, 2000 and 2002 under 17 World Cup, which is of course he is the mastermind. The Argentinian shows what best display yet in the tournament when they trashed Serbia 6 - 0. The goal from Cambiasso was a magnificient showing the true meaning of team work. But the greatest of all is the goal from Rodriguez against Mexico. How in the world he can even think to score a goal like that. However, I am a bit dissapointed to hear he gonna leave the squad after the tournament. If he ever stay, I would love to see what he can do in the next 4 years tournament.

Guus Hiddink: He brought Korea as far as semi final 4 years ago (which is i still think luck plays the most important role), and this time, he did some magic upon Australia. Took over the squad 9 months before the World Cup, nearly eliminated at the qualifiying stage, he brought Australia to the World Cup for the first time in 32 years, scored their first goal in World Cup and even managed to go to the second round. He is now with the Russian squad, and I can imagine, Russian will give a big challenge in the next 4 years.

Marcello Lippi: Italy has tried several time to win major tournament in international tournament since 1982. They almost did it during Euro 2000 but they were defeated by the magficient France then. Then several coaches come and go, including the well known coach of the century Giovanni Trappatoni, but Lippi is the one who did it. He is well known because of his reputation in Juventus, winning several local league and European tournament with the clubs. The only odd thing is, why didn't the Italian FA hired him earlier?

Ronaldo: I mean the Brazilian Ronaldo, not that Man Yuu's one. He printed his name in the Hall of Fame, as he scored his 15th World Cup goals against Ghana. Nobody, I mean nobody, has ever scored goal more than Ronaldo in the World Cup. And yet, he still has a long way to go. He is, truely a living legend.

The best:
Goal: FIFA chose Rodriguez's goal against Mexico, and many of you will agree, but I personally pick Del Piero's goal against Germany as the best. Counter attack from Pirlo to Gilardino, and he run with the ball before sensed Del Piero flanking besides him. He passed the ball and Del Piero brilliantly flicked the ball with his right foot into the far end of the goal post. Astonishingly brilliant, beautiful and stunning.

Match: No doubt the Ivory Coast vs Argentina's game. Argentina's was a very strong side and lead the game with 2 - 0 before the half time. It looked like they will gonna win this match easily, but unfortunately Ivory Coast fight back, and fight well they did. Non-stop running, countless counter attacks, and at last Drogba manage to score a consolation goal during the last minutes of the game. Ivory Coast played well, but the game has been decided.

Player: FIFA picked Zidane, but I picked Andreas Pirlo of Italy. Football match is just like playing chess. Those who control the center of the field, will control the game. And that is what Pirlo did. He controlled the center of the field, and he controlled the game. He got a good vision, good long ball pass, and when at anytime they being attacked, he will be the team's first line of defense. That's why they just conceeded 2 goals along the way to the final.

Jersey: Definitely the Germany's-never-worn-away jersey. mmg superb!!!

Hmm..World Cup 2010 will be held in South Africa. Kumpul duit nak pegi.


Friday, 9-Jun-2006 09:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It has begun


Saturday, 27-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The different between a knockout and league tournament

My Team will meet the national team this Sunday. My prediction, national team will win of course. 6 weeks of training is just not enough to compete in a highly competitive match. Besides, football is about teamwork. It is impossible within 6 weeks, all players will understand each other.

But I totally agreed with Shebby about the selection specs. He wants players who are big and fast. Most of the players whom he selected can run 100 meters in 12 secs. Pretty fast. And so many contestors were disappointed because the were not qualified because of this requirement, and many said that being fast is not everything. If you got skills, you don't need to be fast to be a good player. Right?

Wrong. For me, being a fast player is very important. Especially in a highly competitive game, (knockout tournament such as World Cup, or Euro), evenmore for olny one game like this. A knockout tournament differs from the league tournament. In a league tournament, the game will not be as fast as the knockout tournament, the tackle will be more light, the referee will be not so strict, because the tournament usually ran for almost the whole year.

But in a highly competitive tournament, the length of the tournament will be shorter, for example the World Cup will be held for a month. Evenmore, if you loose, you go home. Which makes the players do whatever it takes to win. Which also make the game become faster, and you can see that there is no use of defensive midfielder in this tournament. That is why you can see, player like Vieira, Makalele and Seedorf did not shine during the World Cup and Euro. (Seedorf didn't even selected in the Holland team for World Cup). The team need players who are fast, which means left and right midfielder are the players will contribute most in the team.

Therefore, for a one game like this, a very fast player is necessary. I remembered Shebby said when he wanted to select Kecik, he said if it is a league tournament, the boy might be selected because he is a defensive midfielder. But this is a highly competitive match, they don't need one.

If it is up to me, I might include running 1600 meters under 12 minutes for the selection. To test the fitness level. Formation, defensive 3-5-2. I know it will be bored playing defensive, but it always work for a team that being formed in a short time.

My prediction, National team 4 - 0 MyTeam. MyTeam is lacked of strickers. I mean a good stricker. Their current strickers now is not sharp enough. After 4 competitive match, they only managed to score 1 goal, and it is an own goal. Besides, their defends seldom doing stupid mistakes. But they have a good goalkeeper though.

Maybe with the support from the fan, everything can be changed. After all, football is 90 minutes. You can never predict the result until the game is over.

Don't forget to watch MyTeam vs Malaysia 7.30 pm at Stadium Bukit Jalil tomorrow.


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